Sallie's Kitchen Corner


The Things We Do For Love


I wanted to cook something special for my son who was having a less than stellar day. His favorite dessert of all times is banana pudding, and I don’t mind making it for him, but here is the truth – I absolutely hate vanilla wafers. …

New Puppy Pumpkin Soup


It was a combination of things that inspired Pumpkin Soup for lunch. Mostly the soup had to be put together quickly, so that when my friends’ new puppy – a cousin to my now year old puppy - came over for a first play date we could carry a cup of warm soup outside while watching the dogs get acquainted. …

Happy January


Happy January! No surprise – it’s freezing – literally – outside, and if no one in your family has a cold or the flu, well, I think you may be in the minority. If you haven’t made the annual New Year’s decision that it’s a good time to eat a more healthy diet, then you are probably in the minority as well. …

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