Sallie's Kitchen Corner


Birthday Biscuits

Last weekend we celebrated a birthday for my son’s fiancée, Lauren. She appreciates good food and I think I know lots of her favorites. She’s not a cake person, but loves a good flan. Seafood will usually win out and a really good salad is almost always a request. …

Bowl Me Over!

Is it okay to admit that cooking at home every night has gotten a little boring? And time consuming. If someone else would just invent the nightly menu, that would be a start. If you feel the same way here is a menu I think you will like. …

Cooking’s Fun in 2021

I got a wok for Christmas! New motto “Cooking will be fun in 2021!”  Due to a knee injury and a downed tree (not related) cooking for fun has not been a priority lately. It took that wok to get me excited about experimenting in the kitchen again.

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