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A Red Carpet Event


Don’t you just love the Academy Awards? It’s thrilling to fantasize about having an occasion to wear a dress like the ones on the red carpet while wondering if there are Spanx with that much power. We always print out the award categories and tally our own votes. …

Toffee and Friends


Today I have the delightful pleasure of interviewing one of the most fascinating, brilliant, and charming women I’ve ever known, for a video about a part of Nashville’s history. She’s another of my Marys; I do seem to be blessed with an astounding number of them in my world!  …

It's A Snap


I wonder how many recipes there are for ginger snaps? Millions? Here’s mine and I hope you love it.

Richard is dropping by and he’s requested my ginger snap recipe, so now he’ll have the recipe plus a nice box of cookies to take back to school. …

Neapolitan Pizza

When I first met my husband he subsisted on his own personal five food groups: pizza, cheeseburgers, bacon, peanut butter, and chocolate. While these are all unarguably delicious, I set to work to help him branch out a bit. His idea of pizza, unfortunately shared by many, was a frozen number that baked up to a thick goopy mess of rubbery cheese and questionable pepperoni. …

A Valentine's Day Dessert

Image 3

Here is a beautiful and delicious dessert for a sweet finish to your Valentine’s Day Dinner. Everyone thinks dessert has to be chocolate for Valentine’s Day and chocolate is nice, so if you must have it, buy, or encourage your significant other to buy a small, elegant, box of chocolates and serve them along side your Raspberry Brulee.

The Perfect Valentine's Day Salad


We’re waking up to a dusting of snow here in Nashville. The school counselor in me is always excited, even though I’m retired and it’s Saturday so schools wouldn’t close anyway. Still it’s pretty, and I’m already wishing for more.

Valentine's Day is a Week Away

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Since Valentines’s Day is just a week away, I’m planning a cozy little dinner for two. Going to a restaurant on the one day of the year when everyone else thinks they need to go to a restaurant has proven unpleasant in the past. …

Que up for the Super Bowl

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I feel so guilty. I should have been sending out some tasty Super Bowl recipe traditions, but my excuse is that I’ve spent most of my free time the last few weeks testing, tasting and putting finishing touches on the cookbook.

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