Sallie's Kitchen Corner


Birthday Popovers


A friend decided to travel from Sewanee to celebrate her birthday in Nashville. Her car did slide sideways down my still icy driveway - an unfortunate birthday surprise, but after that we had a ton of fun cooking a birthday dinner at my house.  …

Snow Day


I’m feeling a little sorry for myself because I didn’t get to cook on Talk of The Town today. They were happy to have me but I was worried about being able to get out this morning with the prediction of fresh coat of snow. We do have a challenging hill or two. 

A Pre-Game Plan


With Valentine’s Day dessert already planned (and blogged)  I fear we are taking the traditional route and having a favorite for both of us when a romantic dinner is the idea. Yep – steak and lobster. Small lobster tails are available at most groceries, and a little filet is just perfect. …

Hearts and Berries


Happy February! Is it too soon to think about a Valentine’s Day Dinner? Never! Thinking about food is more than smart planning it should be a lot of fun! Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday which means restaurants will cash in with over- priced meals and the goal of rushing you through your dinner in time to guarantee the next seating.  …

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