Sallie's Kitchen Corner


A "Dip" at the Pool


Summer is way too short these days. When I was little it seemed to stretch endlessly from the end of May until after Labor Day. Remember when we actually used the word “lazy” in referring to a summer day? Now it feels like you’ve just gotten your toes in the pool when it’s time to move on to work/school/camp/committees all over again.

And to Go with the Joe...


Here it is Ta Da………”Canned” Potatoes – the recipe! I first made this at a friend’s house in Monteagle and it was such a hit that it’s become a favorite at home too.

Actually it hardly requires a recipe at all; a pictorial would probably be better. …

Jonesing for Joes


Now that my son is home for summer, he has some definite opinions about our dinner plans. Last night he announced that he was jonesing for Sloppy Joes. That’s a retro family favorite I hadn’t served up in awhile, and a recipe I love to make. …

If You're Not at the Beach


Everyone we know is either at a beach or going to a beach and we’re stuck right here in Nashville feeling sorry for ourselves. Last night seemed like a great time for an "attitude adjustment" and so I decided to recreate a memorable beach dinner we had at a quaint little town in Maine. …

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