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Seared Shrimp and Summer Vegetable Salad

Seared Shrimp and Summer Vegetable Salad

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The plan was to grill, but the weather wasn’t friendly and that turned out to be a good thing! We had the most delicious dinner with about 15 minutes of prep and cooking time all because of a rainy night. …

Fancy Fish Campfire Dinner

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Every now and then when we were little – probably in desperation – my mother would let us make aluminum foil “campfire” dinners. That meant that we put together what we wanted to eat so no one could complain if they didn’t like it. …

Annette’s Homemade Ice Cream

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This is the promised ice cream recipe from Annette in Seaside and it’s a doozy. I had to read it two times to really believe you don’t have to cook anything! What a perfect way to make ice cream in the middle of a hot summer – mix stuff up – get it cold – and freeze away! …

Firecrackers on the Beach

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Is there any better place to fantasize about food than at the beach? I got to skip town last week with a wonderful friend and spend a couple of days on the Gulf Coast. We went to Florida for fun, sun, and seafood, but also to visit a beautiful little art gallery in Seaside,

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