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Vacation Bars

Here is a disclaimer so that you will know before you sink your teeth into reading this blog that it does not contain a list of bars to visit on your next trip. Actually, we were vacationing in Monteagle and I love cooking in a vacation home, so I made dessert bars – the kind you pick up and eat!

Have a Very Berry Merry Summer

One of the blog recipes that gets a lot of love is shortbread. It’s probably the easiest to make using simple 4 ingredients with staples that almost everyone would have. Absolutely no special equipment is required – just an oven and a pan. …

Summer on a Plate

It’s lovely to get kind comments on blog posts, but also fun to get questions. It seems that Chicken from Tennessee was popular – it is pretty yummy – and several people asked about the salad pictured alongside it.


Good for you, we are salad lovers too, particularly in the summer when there is so much delicious fresh produce to admire and acquire. …

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