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Figgy and Piggy

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Our back yard fig tree has been hanging around for a while spitting out a fig or two a year. I don’t know what suddenly inspired it, but this year we have figs! By that I mean that several times I’ve been able to pick at least a dozen. …

Chili in August

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My guys wanted chili – in August. Who thinks that way? In theory I sort of get it, school has started, and it was a rainy night in Nashville. Memories of last winter’s homemade chili were long behind us and no hearty beef chili is likely to appear in the immediate future with temperatures remaining in the 80s and 90s. …

Chicken in a Biscuit

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When I was growing up, anytime we had leftover turkey my mother made turkey hash and served it on waffles for breakfast. It was a Nashville specialty. As kids we didn’t care that it was proudly presented to every president who visited the Hermitage. …

Nephew Stew

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Brunswick Stew doesn’t actually have nephews in it, and thankfully – at least my version – doesn’t have squirrel. In fact that’s what first kept me from attempting to make Brunswick Stew when long ago I was told the main ingredient was squirrel. …

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