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Does anyone from Nashville remember Fair Park? I’m betting some of you do since it opened in the early fifties and hung around until Opryland was too extravagant to ignore. Fair Park featured a haunted house entered by roller coaster, (I screamed, my sister laughed) a train, the Ferris Wheel that once got stuck, and the infamous Mad Mouse – never to be boarded after a large meal. …

You say Tabouleh or is it Tabouli?

It still tastes great!

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Our family loves the Nashville Greek Festival that takes place every fall. We manage to eat there at least two or three times during the weekend event. All of the food they sell is delicious and inspires me to add more Greek dishes to our own menus, since the festival only happens once a year! …

A Dip to Grill For

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September is here and we are ready for fall. It may not be cool just yet, but something in the air makes us want to move our dining outside to the porch and backyard. Football is starting up (already!) and it’s time to make some yummy game day foods and picnic snacks. …

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