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This story all began with a request from my son for a cookbook of favorite recipes as he moved into a first apartment with a thoroughly un-stocked kitchen, a healthy appetite, and the desire to eat well without spending a ridiculous amount of money. His friends were delighted with his cooking and all wanted copies of the cookbook. My friends requested the recipes as well, and so a real cookbook became the goal.


On the recommendation of people who knew much more about publishing than me, I started a blog to share recipes and talk about cooking, a lifelong passion.  The cookbook, You’re Grown – Now You Can Cook, has currently gone off for a first edit and with any luck will be published in late Spring 2012. I continue to cook and entertain, while writing about my kitchen adventures and sharing recipes that my family and friends love. I hope you enjoy the recipes, stories, and photographs and find that some become favorites for you as well. Thank you for reading Sallie’s Kitchen Corner. I hope this brightens the corner where you are  - especially in your own kitchen



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